Other Projects

The following page presents some additional non-realtime projects I completed as commissions, for university group projects, and in my own time using 3D Studio Max, Adobe Suite and other software. 

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Digital Society Hub

The Digital Society Hub project was made for the unveiling of the Hanze University’s "Digital Society Hub '' or DSH for short. Two Game design and Development students and I were approached by Hanze University to work on animations on commission for the event, and the WERC Collective provided technical equipment and software to showcase these animations on two platforms, a Hologram (Pepper's ghost effect) and a large scale projector.

Dutch Climate Systems

During my first semester of second year game design at Hanze University in 2017, I was approached by the company Dutch Climate Systems for a commission to design a 3D architectural model showcasing one of their new products at the time.

Groningen Municipality

In 2017, my first group project in my second year of Game Design and Development required students to work with a selection of clients for the university, and this was my groups solution for Groningen's Municipality, the Groningen VR Voting Project.