Interactive 3D Design Portfolio

I am a multidisciplinary designer, working with 3D Studio Max, Unreal, Unity, the Adobe Suite and more.


For the past 7 years I have worked on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Video Games, Configurators and Architectural Walkthroughs.


This website showcases a collection of my work over recent years in the Netherlands, UK and Cyprus, including my time working for ROVAR Ltd, Pixogenic Ltd, Hanze University, and on commissioned projects and personal projects.

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Employment & Commissions

• Designed an interactive product for Forum & Function in Art, Fashion and Retail centric installations, with intent to showcase a number of brands, artists and trends in a metaverse-esque online hosted interactive space.

• Leading development on online interactive product, with intended handover to internal team for future further development upon receiving third party funding and grants.

• Handling lighting, interactive design, AI tool integration and final build for use, using 3rd party web hosting systems / web based streaming of the final product.

• Creating bespoke 3D assets, textures and animations for use in initial pitching simulation, with intent on designing reusable and adaptable assets for future final product.

• Project Managed, delegating tasks and ensuring delivery of projects and products within 2 Week to 1 Month Timeframes using Teamworks & Slack.

• Design of 3D (3ds Max) & 2D assets (Photoshop & Illustrator), Animating, Texturing (Substance Painter) implementing into Unity Engine for delivery to development team.

• R&D into Unity Visual Scripting for Interactive Design of Configurators and AR Experiences, developing and building Architectural Walkthroughs and apps for presentation purposes on Android and IOS.

• Client pitching, use analysis/evaluation and handover to management for final client delivery.

• Digitised existing evaluation frameworks for the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Arts and Older People Program.

• Produced video for potential presentation and advertising methods to showcase the Arts and Older people program.

• Conducted R&D for use of Unreal Engine as a new value proposition for the business, using Visual Scripting and DataSmith to import high detail VRay Assets into VR.

• 3D Automotive, Architectural and Product Design, Modelling and Animating (3ds Max) for implementation into Unreal Engine.

• Interactive design (Unreal Blueprints) for products; VR Experiences and Desktop and VR Configurators and Architectural and Product Walkthroughs.

• Acted as Project Coordinator and liaison with client for a team of developers on a Open Day app for the Hanze University Groningen.

• Responsible for the 3D design and development of a virtual space for familiarising potential students with the University.

• Designed 3D models and animations of future technologies available to work with at the Hanzehogeschool, for use in an interactive press event.

• Worked as a part of a design team alongside the artistic Collective; WERC.

• Designed 3D models of mechanical machinery, architecture and interiors for showcasing Dutch Climate Systems new product.

• Worked as the sole asset designer with regular input from the client at numerous design stages, before final handover to a professional animation studio.


Unity Projects

I have used Unity to develop Augmented Reality apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as Desktop applications, experiences and animations.

Unreal Projects

I have used Unreal Engine to develop Virtual Reality configurators, walkthroughs, interactive marketing tools, web hosted prototypes, games and animations.

Animations & More

I have a number of animated 3D models, Unreal and Unity projects and interactive content shown in greater detail in videos on my YouTube channel.

Lego Models

I also make Lego Models of my own design, occasionally I build things inspired by and based on films, games, and concept art I enjoy, which I post on my Flickr.