I am a multidisciplinary 3D Generalist working with 3D Studio Max, Unreal, Unity, the Adobe Suite and more.

For the past 8 years I have worked on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Video Games, Configurators and Architectural Walkthroughs.

This website showcases a collection of my work over recent years, including my time at ROVAR Ltd, Pixogenic Ltd and University, as well as artwork and models made on commission and in my own time. 

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

3D Modelling & Animation

Real Time Visualisation

Digital Marketing

Game Design

Unity Projects

I also have experience working on Unity AR and Desktop projects over the course of my time working in Rovar Ltd. 


Click the link below to see some of my Unity Projects. 

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Unreal Projects

I have worked on VR and Desktop Unreal Engine projects during my time on Internship, University and when experimenting in my own time. 


Click the link below to see some of my Unreal Projects. 

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Other Projects

Early on during my time in university I was given the opportunity to get commission projects working on 3D work for private clients using 3D Studio Max. 


Click the link below to see some of my Other Projects.

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Interactivity and Animation

Much of my interactive Unreal and Unity projects have videos made exploring their features on my youtube channel. 


Click the link below to visit my Youtube Channel. 

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Lego Models

In my own time I also enjoy making Lego Models of my own design, and also occasionally build things based and inspired by games and artworks I enjoy. 


Click the link below to visit my Lego Flickr Page

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