Unreal Projects

The following page presents the range of projects I have produced over the last few years either in my own time or over my internship a Pixogenic Ltd using Unreal Engine and other supplementary software for Models, Materials and Animations. 

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Archviz Walktrough​

My Unreal Archviz project was started after graduating university in 2020 during the National Lockdown, as an example of my current skills set in 3D modelling and animating in 3D Studio Max, and developing using Unreal Engine.


This is my current progress on my Hybrid bike and Rider project. This project was started after graduating in 2020 during the National Lockdown, as I wanted to showcase my current  concept designing, modelling and animating skills.

Noorderzon VR

The Noorderzon VR Marketing map was a prototype of a potential interactive installation for use at the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, using Virtual Reality technology to allow visitors to navigate in life size, the scale models made by the WERC Collective for Noorderzon promotional imagery. 


Awoken was made for a group project in my Game Design and Development course. My partner and I developed a Prototype First Person Shooter inspired by Sci-Fi games like Portal, Halo and Doom.

Automotive Configurator​

My Automotive Configurator was developed to showcase the skills and knowledge I gained over the course of my 6 Month Internship at Pixogenic Ltd in 2018.


The Invitria Project was a previously existing private project made for one of Pixogenics’ Clients, Veni Vidi. As the project progressed, the client became interested in the application of configuration in digital marketing for their product, the Invitria, on their website. 

Bathroom VR

This Bathroom was a pre-existing asset designed and provided by Pixogenic. They wanted to use it to showcase a highly realistic bathroom configurator to illustrate the possibilities of working with Unreal to design VR configurators for their clients.


Global Experience Specialists (or GES for short); an existing client of Pixogenics’, provided a "Trade Event Booth" design they made, with the intention of us experimenting with it and finding interesting and innovative ways of presenting their designs via VR.