Unity Projects

The following page presents the range of projects I have produced over the course of my employment at Rovar Ltd, using Unity and other supplementary software for Models, Materials and Animations. 

Select from the menu below to see a specific project, or scroll through this page to see them all. 

The Grove

The Grove was one of my most recent projects working at Rovar Ltd, made for a client in the middle east, we were tasked with showcasing their new housing and retail developments and wanted to make a proof of concept to illustrate the realism and interactivity possible with Unity AR. 

Lunar Surface AR

Lunar Surface AR was a recent project I completed in about a week, where I had to improve the visual quality and realism of a previous project at Rovar Ltd. The intention was to have high quality video get recorded from it to showcase on the company website.

Archviz AR

Close to the beginning of my employment at Rovar Ltd I was tasked with making a realistic and interactive AR Archviz proof of concept. The intention was to see whether my knowledge in visual scripting in Unreal Engine could also be applied in Unity using its own visual scripting system. This was then used as a pitching tool and proof of concept for clients working in real estate and architecture. 

Space Crew

Space Crew was a project I contributed to that was a part of a pitch for potential clients at a special event in a british embassy in the middle east. The intend was to showcase an engaging AR Edugame (educational game) that taught children about sustainability, technology and space travel. 

Artboards AR

The Artboards project was a solo project I worked on for around 2 weeks, where I was provided artboards from another project we had worked on previously, however now needed theme specific compositions to decorate the space surrounding them. The art covered 6 subjects, each of which had submissions sent in by children and were then presented on these art boards as a part of the festivities at a national event. 

Arrol Gantry

The Arrol Gantry scene is a part of a massive ongoing project at Rovar Ltd. My role was to create as accurate a composition as possible based on references of black and white photos of the Arrol Gantry and the construction of the Olympic Class ships made in Belfast in the 1910s.